7 Sources to Find Motivated Home Sellers

This is a summary of an insightful interview with a successful realtor (no dropping names, I promise), in which he shared some tips on targeting “motivated” home sellers through a number industry professionals.

In short, here are the 7 sources he talked about:

1. Foreclosure Attorneys – these professionals are being contacted all the time by clients people that are trying to save their properties. So it is a good idea to let these people know that you are out there and that you can buy properties quickly.

2. Real Estate Attorneys – these are professionals that are handling all kinds of incoming requests from home sellers and some of those are going to be from people that they can no longer afford their house. So, if you market your services to them, they may be interested in using your services.

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3. Divorce Attorneys – people that are going through a divorce have real estate that they need to sell quickly, and of course, a divorce attorney is going to be interested in making that happen in a timely manner, so they can have their fees paid sooner.

4. Bankruptcy Attorneys – one reason why they might be interested in referring you to home sellers is because they are going to need to get a house sold quickly, so the debt can start being restructured as soon as possible and they can do what they do best.

5. Probate Attorneys – now, probate is when someone dies without a will and their state goes to probe, and of course often times there is a real estate that has been probated. When that happens, the heirs are most likely going to want to sell it quickly; one because they don’t want to make payments anymore; two, to help pay the bills; and three, because they want to get their money.

6. Loan Officers – lots of times people who are trying to save their property, they are trying to refinance their house, but unfortunately, that can’t always be done. So loan officers are the people that can at least refer you to the home sellers, as someone who can help them with their situation.


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7. Homeowners Associations – when you think about it, the homeowners association’s goal is to make sure that their condominium complexes and/or residential areas continue to look good, and that people are paying their dues, fees, fines, etc. So more often than not, they are the first to notice when tenants fall behind and can’t afford to pay their dues (sometimes even stop paying the mortgage altogether). So it’s a good idea to make the homeowner’s associations aware of your business so that they can turn to you when a quick sale is needed.

In the end, he underlined that these are only some of the professionals a realtor can be focusing on to help with getting quality leads, but in reality, there are many more ways to get incoming leads.


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