The Fundamental Mistake Most Real Estate Professionals Make, and How To Avoid It

Real Estate #1 Mistake

Today, we would like to share with you THE #1 MISTAKE most Real Estate professionals make, when it comes to making their websites truly work for them.

No, we won’t be talking about a silver bullet or a magic formula. This is a common mistake most of you made when you first got your website up and running.

When you get your pre-built Real Estate Website through platforms like AgentLocator, InCom Real Estate, or such alike (which by the way can be great real estate website platforms for many of you), the first thing you need to do is to replace the default content your website template comes with, with your own original content.

Because if you don’t, you’ll be making a fundamental mistake.

Over 90% of Real Estate Professionals who get pre-built websites through website platform providers don’t change the “default” content.

Now let us tell you what will most likely happen if you don’t replace and optimize the “default” content on your website:

1. When search engines try to index your site, they will detect that it contains the same content hundreds or thousands of other websites already have. Consequently, they will categorize your content as plagiarized and bury your site somewhere on the bottom of their index table, simply filtering it out, so that they don’t show it to their customers who are trying to find your services.

2. After a while, you will start wondering why you are not getting any traffic to your website (let alone leads) and probably question the very decision you made as to why you got a website in the first place when it’s not helping you bring new business.

3. Subsequently, your most likely action will be to turn to paid marketing, which is rather a very expensive option.

So, if you don’t want to throw your money away on paid marketing you will have to create your own, original content for your website. There is no way around it, but you won’t regret it.

The important thing to keep in mind here I that once you’ve created your “original” content, it will become your Intellectual Property, and whoever tries to copy/use it onto their website to promote it as their own (through Blogs or Social Media) they will be “forced” by the search engines to actually promote YOUR website. WAIT — WHAT? How’s that possible?!?

Let us explain

When others try to use your original content, they are left with only two options:

Option 1: Structure the page in a compliant manner by including a “canonical link.” Canonical link is nothing more than giving honor to whom it is due (the page with the original content — your web page) and be rewarded with higher rankings by offering additional value onto the page they are promoting. Simply said, search engines reward those who don’t cut corners and try to cheat algorithms. They reward UNIQUENESS and content with ADDED VALUE.


Option 2: Ignore the canonical link rule, and have their content categorized as duplicate, and find their entire website filtered out from the Search Engine Result Pages. In some extreme cases, this may even lead to search engines black-flagging their entire domain. If and when that happens, their entire online presence will be utterly jeopardized.


Example of sharing a page with the proper canonical link:

  • Let suppose you own a web page with original content.
  • Let say that the same content was used/copied into someone else’s Blog Post, but they embedded your Canonical Link properly (because they don’t want to get penalized by the search engines).
  • Now, when you try to share that Blog Post (on Facebook, for example), you will notice that you will actually be sharing the page with the original content (your web page).

Now that you know what you need to do to properly lay down “The Foundation” of your online visibility and organic lead generation, you need to determine what exactly your content is supposed to be all about (for each page), and if is it something your customers are actually searching for when looking for your services.

To determine this, you can try doing your own SEO:

Use an SEO Platform like SEMrush to explore the keywords/phrases your customers use when looking for your services.

Real Estate Main Keyword Analysis

Once you’ve determined that (the step above) don’t forget to consider and possibly include some phrases found in the “Phrase Match Keywords” section and the “Related Keywords” section.

Real Estate Phrase & Related Keyword Analysis

Once you’ve determined the exact keyword/phrase you want to go after (along with its respective Related Keywords/Phrases), create a topic and write quality (informative/educational) content using the keywords you just discovered (but don’t overuse them).

TIPS on how to write quality content (what to include and how to optimize it):

  • Include the main keyword into the Page Title (Headline)
  • Include the main keyword in the URL of the page
  • Include only one keyword per page (main keyword)
  • Include some of the Related keywords in subheadings and the body of the page
  • Ensure that your main keyword is included only about 1% of the time throughout the whole content (this is called “keyword density”)
  • Include links to other web pages of your website (internal links)
  • Include external links to High Authority websites (like Wikipedia)
  • Include 2–3 images per page (each image needs to contain ALT text and adequate metadata)
  • Embed a YouTube video on your page (Optimize the video on the YouTube page)
  • Above all, make sure that your content is informational, educational and easy to read.

This is how you’ll keep your visitors spend more time on your website, gain their trust and increase the chances of calling you, over your competitors.

Even though there are many more things you can do to make your content more attractive to your customers and to search engines, if you only employ the things we mentioned above, you will outrank many of your competitors and start getting much greater “online traction.”

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